3-Piece Ball Valve-1000/2000/3000 WOG

Size Range
12 to 4" (15 – 100mm)
Body Materials
Temperature Range
-50 to 600°F (-45 to 315°C)
Stem Materials
ASTM A479 Type 410
ASTM A182 F316
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
1000/2000/3000 WOG
ASME CL150, 300, 600
Seat Materials
RPTFE, Nylon, Devlon, PEEK, Tek-Fil, TFM
Shutoff Rating
Zero Leakage
Ball Materials
ASTM A350 Gr. LF2 w/ENP
ASTM A182 Gr. F316
ASTM A182 Gr. F316 w/ENP
Body Style
Two Piece, Three Piece
Design Standard
API 608, ASME B16.34
End Connections
Flanged, Butt Weld, Threading
Testing Standard
API 598, API 6D
API 607,
Face to Face
ASME B16.10
Oil and Gas Pipeline, Offshore Platforms, Onshore Terminals, Emergency Shutdown, Suction and Discharge Isolation, Block and Bypass, Pumping, Compression and Reinjection Units, Metering Stations, Pig Traps, Surge-Relief Skids, Decoking Isolation, Buried Services, Produced Water (Brine) Services

Features & Benefits

Meway 3-Piece Ball Valve

FIRESAFE DESIGN: Secondary metal seat design provides a firesafe shut off per API 607. Additionally, secondary graphite body seals and flexible graphite packing prevents leakage through the body joints and stuffing box, respectively.

INTERNAL TRUNNION DESIGN: Upper and lower bearing plates hold the ball in place, preventing the ball from floating axially and avoiding excess load on the seats. External trunnion design available in certain sizes.

PRESSURE ENERGIZED STEM PACKING: Our proprietary energizer ring, located above the primary o-ring stem seal, provides insurance in the rare event that the O-ring is damaged by using the media pressure to create an upward compressive force on the packing. This upward force on the packing combined with the downward compressive force created by tightening the packing gland results in a larger net compressive force on the packing and better seal than a typical packing design.

DOUBLE SEALS ON BODY JOINTS: Primary elastomeric seals ensure zero leakage in standard operating conditions. Secondary graphite seals ensure proper body joint sealing per API 607 in extreme temperature scenarios.

ANTI-STATIC DEVICES: Standard anti-static devices ensure electrical continuity between the ball, stem, and body, eliminating the possibility of sparks within the valve created by static electrical charges.

VALVE POSITION INDICATION: Clear stamping on the outer diameter of the mounting flange identifies the open or closed position of the valve based on the stem key orientation.

ISO 5211 MOUNTING PAD: Robust ISO 5211 mounting pad provides quick conversion between the valve and the automation package.

BLOWOUT-PROOF STEM DESIGN: Valves are designed with stem/body connection preventing stem blowout under line pressure.

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