Project Case

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Globe Control Valve with a stainless steel actuator

Globe Control Valve is installed in a chemcial plant in Thailand

  • CF8M valve body with a single seat SS316+STL trim
  • Stainless steel diaphram actuator-spring return
  • Tission Positioner

Micro CV Globe Control Valve

Meway Pneumatic Globe control valve(Micro CV 0.14-CV2.61)

•       Size: 1/2 inch , Class 150 ;
•       Body:F316
•       Trim:F316+STL
•       Pneumatic diaphragm actuator
•       Single acting,air to open(Failsafe closed)
•       TISSIN--Korean positioner,TS800,Exd II BT4,4-20mA
•       Leakage Class:IV ANSI B16.104


CK3MMUN (254SMO)Three Piece Ball Valve

CK3MMUN (254SMO)Three Piece Ball Valve

CK3MMUN (254SMO)Three Piece Ball Valves are installed in a copper mining project in Chile

  • CK3MMUN (254SMO) Valve Body
  • Seat: RPTFE
  • NPF Theading End

Plug Valve for a Fertilizer Plant

Meway Plug Valve
A plug valve is shaped like a cylinder or cone and can be rotated inside the valve body to control flow of fluids.
•      Lubricated Plug Valve and Non-Lubricated Plug Valve
•      Eccentric Plug Valve and Expanding Plug Valve
•     2 Way and 3/4 Way Port Plug
•     Material Available: SS304/SS316 ,904(UB6), TA2, Monel and etc, special materials are available on request

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Pneumatic High Performance Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic High Performance Butterfly Valve for a chemical industry
• WCB Body, Trim SS316, RPTFE Seat, 

• Stainless Steel ASCO Solenoid Valve Exd Explosion Proof

• Doube Acting Pneumatic Actuator

Meway Cryogenic Insolation Ball Valves

Meway Cryogenic Insolation Ball Valves

•       F304 Valve body/bonnet and Ball
•       PCTFE Seat ( Metal seat available)
•       Pneumatic actuator with manual overide
•       Stem Extension

Meway Vacuum Relief Valve

Meway Vacuum Relief Valve

Setting Pressure: -500mba!

Vacuum relief valves are protection devices which are typically mounted on a nozzle opening on the top of a fixed roof storage tank.
It is primarily used as a device for relieving vacuum in tanks, containers and process engineering equipment. 

The valve offers reliable protection against vacuum, and prevents inbreathing of air close to the set pressure.

Self Pressure Reguating Valve

Self Pressure Reguating Valve for N2 Blanketing

  • WCB Valve Body 
  • Stainless Steel trim
  • RPTFE Seat