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Micro CV Globe Control Valve

Meway Pneumatic Globe control valve(Micro CV 0.14-CV2.61)

•       Size: 1/2 inch , Class 150 ;
•       Body:F316
•       Trim:F316+STL
•       Pneumatic diaphragm actuator
•       Single acting,air to open(Failsafe closed)
•       TISSIN--Korean positioner,TS800,Exd II BT4,4-20mA
•       Leakage Class:IV ANSI B16.104


Meway Vacuum Relief Valve

Meway Vacuum Relief Valve

Setting Pressure: -500mba!

Vacuum relief valves are protection devices which are typically mounted on a nozzle opening on the top of a fixed roof storage tank.
It is primarily used as a device for relieving vacuum in tanks, containers and process engineering equipment. 

The valve offers reliable protection against vacuum, and prevents inbreathing of air close to the set pressure.

Teflon Lined Butterfly in a chemcial plant

Teflon Lined Butterfly in a chemcial plant in Africa