Globe Control Valve-

1/2" to 28 "
Pressure Rate
Class 150- 2500
Flow Characteristics
Linear, Eq% and quick open
Trim Design
Single Seat One Stage, Two Stage , Multi Stage, Disc Stack
Diaphram, Pneumatic Cylinder and Electric
Body Material
WCB,CF8,CF8M,WC6 WC9 etc
End Connection
Threading ,BW & Flanged
Face to Face
Temperature range
-196 °C to 650 °C
Bonnet Design
Standard and Stem Extension

Features & Benefits

Accuracy with Meway globe control valves

Meway control or throttling globe valve are high performance control valves designed to provide the best possible control accuracy and wide rangeability with all the inherent benefits of linear control valves.
They have a body distinguished by a globular-shaped cavity around the port region and are designed to regulate process flow when used in conjunction with an actuator assembly. Many single-seated valve bodies use cage or retainer-style construction to retain the seat-ring, provide valve plug guiding, and provide a means for establishing particular valve flow characteristics.

The Meway globe control valve is flexible, requires little maintenance and is used as an all-rounder in many processes and industries. The modular system consisting of valve body and sealing, trim, valve seat, stem seal, valve actuator and positioner offers a tailor-made and therefore ideal control solution for your process. It controls steam, gas and oil as well as other liquid states and is therefore universally usable. Various innovative design elements and a trim designed for the flow conditions guarantee maximum efficiency, reliability and safety. The  clamping seat system enables extremely easy maintenance of the globe control valve without special tools. This means that functionally relevant trims can be changed quickly and cost-effectively by your own maintenance personnel. 

Accuracy and precision

Meway globe control valves provide superior control performance and high reliability in a wide range of applications. They are designed to provide accuracy, precision and reliability in both general and more demanding service. They can be found in service in a wide range of customer industries, from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to power plants and pulp & paper mills.

Safety and sustainability

All Meway globe control valves are engineered, built and tested to be both safe and sustainable.

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