Safety Valve / Pressure Relief Valve-

Size Range
DN 25 - DN 200 (1" - 8")
Class 150-900
Valve Connection
Flanged & threading
Temperature (in accordance with DIN EN)
268 °C bis 538 °C | -450 °F bis 1,000 °F
Load Type

Features & Benefits

Safety valves/Pressure safety valve (PSV) is commonly used to protect a pressure containment part i.e. vessel, column, etc from overpressure. It is one of the code approved type of overpressure protection devices

It is used for the industrial as well as commercial applications for the air, steam, liquid and gases.

Safety valves should be mounted wherever a system or pressure-containing vessel’s maximum allowable operating pressure (MAWP) is probable to be exceeded. Safety valves are also used to avoid product harm due to excess pressure during process activities.


The Pressure safety valves are used in mainly in the following locations:

  • Boiler drums
  • Superheater
  • Reheater inlet (CRH)
  • Reheater outlet (HRH)
  • Soot blower steam line
  • Pressure Reducing Stations
  • Pressure Vessels like Blow down tank

Safety valves according to API 526 with standardized capacities and dimensions

  • Compliance with API 526
  • Diverse selection of high-alloy materials available as standard
  • Longer lifetime due to hardened discs, partly stellited seats and integrated shielding of the optional bellows
  • Single trim: Identical internal parts for S/G/L for cost-effective maintenance

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