Meway solution for mineral processing are used for flow control of liquids with or without particles at the wet end as well as for erosive slurry flows at the extraction section. Through years of closely working with our customers & end users, when it comes to optimum automation Meway has evolved to provide a full range of actuators, positioners, limit-switches, sensors and accessories for mineral processing. Which maximize our customers uptime, safety and efficiency.



To stay competitive on the market for raw materials in the mining industry, the equipment needs to be designed for abrasive application and rough environment. Meway butterfly valves, knife gate valves, pinch valves, ball valves, and check valves combined with our actuators are used extensively in
mining and metallurgy

Whether they need to optimize mineral recovery from natural deposits, enhance mineral purity, or improve metalworking performance, mining and metallurgy industries need to meet their biggest challenges while reducing energy and water consumption. Meway featured solution for mining industries can be used as control valves, on/off valves or manual hand valves

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