Pulp & Paper

From the debarking drums to the reeler at the end of a paper machine, the pulp and paper industry relies on critical-process machinery, Meway offer High Performance ON/OFF Butterfly valves, Ball and Segment-ball valves, Check valves and process control valves to meet the needs in Pulp & Paper


Pulp & Paper

To stay productive and profitable, pulp and paper making companies need to focus on selecting the appropriate valve products, which need to be mounted properly, carefully monitored and maintained to provide maximum machine availability. Meway featured solution for pulp and paper industries can be used as control valves, on/off valves or manual hand valves

Meway Optimum Solution for PAPER MACHINES
Meway solution for paper machine are used for flow control of liquids with or without fibers at the wet end as well as for steam flows at the drying section of the machine. Through years of closely working with our customers & end users, when it comes to optimum automation Meway has evolved to provide a full range of actuators, positioners, limit-switches, sensors and accessories for paper machine. Which maximize our customers uptime, safety and efficiency

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