Sugar Industry

Optimize Product Design for Sugar


Sugar Industry

For Sugar refining industry up-time and continuous service are critical to the profitability of the sugar production. Meway optimize valve design for this automated plants provides an uninterrupted service for as long as 365 days per year, placing enormous demands on valves, actuators and controls processes.

Valves capable of handling dirty/viscous media, steam, caustic chemicals, erosive slurry and solid sugar crystals found  and required in sugar processing conditions. Meway optimize valve design  solution for sugar processing are manufacture to provide optimum reliability, uptime, and long service life throughout the Sugar production process..

Through years of closely working with our customers & end users, when it comes to optimum automation Meway has evolved to provide a full range of actuators, positioners, limit-switches, sensors and accessories for various applications in multiple industries. Meway provides a wide range of high performing products to maximize customer uptime, safety and efficiency.

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